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Education Abroad

Education abroad can be most simply defined as an opportunity to earn academic credit in an international setting.

So what does this mean for you? This means you get to explore the world on your terms: You choose the courses you want to take abroad; you choose the type of experience you want; you choose your program; you choose your destination; most importantly, you choose what you get out of your global experience.

Did you know:

  1. Explore the world while earning credit toward your graduation

  2. Flexibility: you can study abroad for a few weeks during the summer or winter semesters or spend an entire spring or fall semester abroad

  3. You already have an Education Abroad advisor to help you explore your options:

  4. There are scholarships to help you with the expense of education abroad

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Psychology Education Abroad Programs

  1. From Science to Culture: Exploring Drug USe and Addiction- Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Students will study current neuroscientific theories that explain the motivation for drug use as well as those biopsychosocial mechanisms that mediate the progression from drug use to drug dependence and addiction. These theories will be applied to better understand cultural differences that exist between the US and the Netherlands regarding drug use, dependence, and treatment.

  • HIGHLIGHTS (Tentative*)
    Themed Activities:

    • Mainline Organization: learn about drug policies and treatments available in the Netherlands

    • Underground walking tour with a somone who lived on the streets and was drug dependent

    • Frontline Organization: learn about on-the-ground efforts to support those impacted by drug use

    • Cannabis College: view a cannabis grow room and learn about the processing, distribution, and legal issues involved with the sale of cannabis

    Cultural Activities:

    • Guided historic tour of Amsterdam

    • City-wide museum passes: scheudled visits to Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum

    • Travel to Zaanse Schans, best known for its collect of windmills and wooden houses

    • Tour the Amsterdam canals via open boat

    Plenty of free time, including weekends, for independent exploration of the city and travel outside of Amsterdam

    Enrollment preference for this program is given to PSY/NEU majors.