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Neuroscience Research / How To Find A Research Lab To Work In

How To Find A Research Lab To Work In


(ANA 394, BIO 394 PGY 394 or PSY 393)

The neuroscience major requires a student to complete 6 hours of independent research in the laboratory of a neuroscientist.  Doing research presents an outstanding opportunity for students to expand their horizons and deepen appreciation of contemporary neurobiology, whatever their career goals. The research requirement should normally be fulfilled by taking 3 credits of either ANA 394, BIO 394 or PSY 393 for 2 subsequent semesters.  Enrollment in one of these courses is optimally done after the student has completed Introduction to Neuroscience Techniques (BIO 305).  The research requirement should typically be fulfilled in either the junior and/or senior year of the student. 

Neuroscience minors may also decide to take ANA 394, BIO 394 or PSY 393.  Up to six credits of independent research may be used as elective credit counted towards your minor.

For more information, including a list of research mentors and to download research contracts, please refer to the Research page of the Neuroscience Majors Canvas site.  If you need access to the Canvas shell, please email Dr. Sharrett (, be sure to include your student ID#.


Research Opportunities for Freshmen and Sophomores‚Äč

  •   BIO 199 is designed to provide beginning students an opportunity to participate in research projects and to gain research experience in biology while working with faculty members in the Biology department or other life sciences departments such as those in the colleges of medicine, dentistry, agriculture, engineering, and pharmacy, as well as departments in A&S such as chemistry and psychology. It is the responsibility of the student to contact a faculty member and arrange the conditions of the research project. Prior to beginning work, a BIO 199 Research Contract must be completed, signed by the student and the mentor, and approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Biology.  BIO 199 is designed to allow students to begin research early in their academic careers and to enjoy the benefits of this experience in preparation for more-advanced research work later in BIO 395. As this experience is viewed as part of the learning process leading to later independent work, carries only 0 to 1 hours of academic credit.
  • The UK-Undergraduate Research Program facilitates entry of new students into research labs and offers opportunities for seminars and discussions among participating students. UK-URP is an excellent way to get into basic research nearly as soon as you arrive on campus.
  • If you would like to nominate your faculty research mentor for recognition, please visit

If additional information is needed about any of these opportunities, please contact Dr. Lynda Sharrett-Field, Neuroscience Director of Undergraduate Studies.