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Neuroscience Students in Labs During Summer 2022

A key priority for the Neuroscience B.S. Program at the University of Kentucky is to help our undergraduate students get hands-on Neuroscience research experience in the laboratory of a UK faculty member.  The Neuroscience curriculum itself requires majors to take at least 8 lab-based courses for course credit. With more than 200 faculty conducting research in many areas of Neuroscience, we are thrilled to report that more than 10% of the Neuroscience B.S. students at UK are working, for pay, in faculty laboratories this summer !!!

Many of these summer research students have just finished their 1st year at UK ! That's right, you can get hands-on Neuroscience research working with graduate students and a professor as early as you wish !!!  

For more information on the many opportunities for undergraduate students to work in faculty labs, click HERE