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S-STEM Program



2022 S-STEM scholars

Welcome to S-STEM! The S-STEM program provides four years of scholarship support for up to 15 qualifying incoming Biology or Neuroscience majors per year.  The average scholarship amount is $5000/year, depending on financial need.


S-STEM scholars will also receive four years of specialized opportunities and support, including:

  1. S-STEM scholar holding a braina dedicated UK 101 section for S-STEM scholars
  2. a first-year research experience
  3. peer and faculty mentoring
  4. career advising
  5. access to high-quality internships and research opportunities
  6. funds to support travel for research presentations or internships
  7. community-building activities

The S-STEM program is supported by funds from
the National Science Foundation (NSF).


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the S-STEM scholarship, students should meet the following criteria:

  1. be enrolled at least half-time as an incoming first-year Biology or Neuroscience major at the University of Kentucky
  2. Be eligible for a federal Pell grant. 
  3. have unmet financial need after other sources of aid are applied
  4. demonstrate academic potential as defined by an unweighted high school GPA of  ≥ 3.65 OR an unweighted high school GPA of  ≥ 3.3 and completion of precalculus or calculus
  5. complete a scholarship application. The deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED!  Apply today!



We are looking forward to hearing from you!



For more information, please contact the S-STEM program director:

Dr. Jennifer Osterhage
(859) 257-9322
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