SCoBIRC Announces the Inaugural Awards of the African American Research Training Scholars Program

The Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center is thrilled to announce the inaugural awards of the African American Research Training Scholars (AARTS) program to the following five undergraduate students !

Their research topics and mentors are included, below. 



Nolan Abdelsayed  – “Neuroinflammation as a Contributor to Secondary Brain Injury Following a Mild Closed Head Injury”  (Mentor: Adam Bachstetter)

Jordan Burdette – “Cellular Regeneration in the Injured Spinal Cord”  (Mentor: Warren Alilain)

Urim Geleta – “MicroRNA Regulation of Neuroinflammation Following TBI” (Mentor: Joe Springer)

Alexa Halliburton – “Age and Social Enrichment as Determining Factors in SCI Recovery” (Mentor: John Gensel)

Bisimwa “Jack” Nzerhumana – “Mitochondrial Uncoupling Promotes Energy Metabolism Following TBI” (Mentor: Pat Sullivan)

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